sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Literature everywhere! (1)

Excerpt on counterfeiting from Time's "The cult of Apple in China".

"(...)Fake Apple stores rip off the detailing of real ones, from the giant, glowing Apple icons and minimalist wooden furniture to the signature blue T-shirts worn by staff. Last year, authorities in one south western city, Kunming, closed 2 stores that were illegally using the Apple logo, an icon so alluring in China that it sometimes is used on products beyond what the American company has dreamed up. Knockoffs of the iPhone 5 (some marketed as "hiPhone5") are widely available in Chinese computer malls, even though the iPhone 5 does not yet exist. In February, police in the central city of Wuhan seized, for safety reasons, nearly 700 gas stoves that mysteriously had been branded with iPhone logos."

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