miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

On Derren Brown's 'Apocalypse'

Why haven't I seen this before? I must be out of sync with the world.

Derren Brown hypnotizes this bloke who's pretty much stuck in a do-nothing stay-at-home life, and leads him to believe that a zombie invasion is about to hit the UK.

To be honest, the guy must be a bit daft to not question farther certain details, but otherwise it is a class act. One of the best things I've seen lately.

What's interesting is that there should be an excuse to put someone through such an ordeal, like say make him better, or cure him somewhat. Why do we need an excuse to take somebody through a fiction especially tailored for him? That I find sketchy. That we need to make it look as if we're doing it for him, and not recognize the mere excitement of introducing somebody in an alternate reality just escapes me. Must the zeal of playing god be disguised as moral intervention to make it permissible?
Any thoughts, anyone?

I thoroughly enjoyed it though. There was true emotion there. Hard not to be reminded of the Truman Show. On a lighter note...why did they call the girl Leona? If somebody puts me in a zombie set-up and they name a character after a Resident Evil heroe, that would just be too much for me...although if I didn't realize earlier they had just disconnected the fuse of my van...


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