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Literature everywhere (3) _The measuring of beauty

Yesterday, as I was returning to Madrid, I indulged in one of my common pastimes—reflecting on a few of my literary interests. One of these interests is finding the most effective means to capture the essence of our era and how to utilize its intricate networks to draw in beauty. Although I haven't been actively writing for a while, I searched mentally for the appropriate tone, and fiddled with variations I was reminded of a TED talk that I watched on YouTube a long time ago. I must admit that it's only a faint recollection, so I don't claim spot-on storytelling. It came to mind as I pondered how to measure beauty in literature -an impossibility, I know- but still managed to cling to a tangential absurdity. The more poetry that stems naturally, even uninvited, from exploiting relationships and contradictions the better the work. I´ve just googled the talk to get the speaker's name right -Dan Barber, in case anyone wants to check it out, but fortunately I´ve resisted t

Literature everywhere (2)

Extracto de Rutas por la Costa de la Comunidad Valencia y Murcia en coche de El País Aguilar . "(...) Quién iba a decirnos que la CN-332, donde a duras penas hay lugares para detenerse, en una recta intersalinera donde los coches circulan a toda velocidad, constituye un biotopo que ni pintado para las aves migratorias."