domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


Imagine the Library of Congress. 30 million documents held in the arks, pending digitalization. Say you take some lesser work of Hamilton, a random paper not as well guarded as the Declaration of Independence and shove it in a shelf three rows ahead. Before digitalization this move could have sentenced the book. Years of dereliction, maybe future indiference. Bringing it back to existence stops being the job of a librarian –forget historians. It calls for an archaeologist.

Now, you take some other file. This file doesn't belong to any one of the Founding Fathers, but was written by a grim eccentric type who happened to be Congressman in the Great Depression. This man, nauseated by a monetary system that only backs money with the promise of money, writes feverishly the cure of Capitalism. He details the route to a resource economy that kills speculation and finds a way to limit fiat money to GDP values. This grey man is no good at making his point across and feels disdain from his colleagues whenever he brings up his outline, so he chunks his ideas in a shelf as unfortunate as him and carries on as if he had never set out to change the world. Now you toss his book away, for playing with entropy is one thing, but messing with the work of Hamilton is anti-American. And with it goes the most comprehensive reform since the very founding of the USA.

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